Le Coeur De France is a authentic French cafe bakery in the country popular for freshly baked gourmet based. Le Coeur De France products such asbaguettes,loaves, crossants, feuilettes (turnover), choussan, trats are handmade with all natural & premium ingredients.

Le Coeur de France not only offers gourmet bread for take-away but offers light meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Furthermore, Le Coeur supplies bread and bakery product requirements to numerous institutional clients such as hotels,crestaurants and airline caterers.

Le Coeur de France uses state of the art technology combining skill, equipment, sanitary conditions and only the best ingredients. All products are created from original recipes and are 100 % natural. The finest wheat is used to produce excellent breads and pastries.

On February 8, 2008, Boulangerie Française, Inc. (BFI) and the brand “Le Coeur de France”. was acquired by the
Pancake House Group, through Pancake House, Inc. and Pancake House International, Inc., led by its Chairman, Martin I.P. Lorenzo.

Under the new management group, Le Coeur de France launched several hot meals such as new line of
pasta and filling soup. At present, there are 15 branches located in top malls in Metro Manila, plans to open more Le Coeur de France branches in France.

List Of Breads:

1. Artisan bread

2. Paton (loaf)

3. Filled pan de sal

4. Pan de sal

5. Croissants

6. Feuilletes

7. Viennoiserie

8. Bagets

9. Muffins

10.Other breads.

List Of Meals:

1. Breakfast Anytime

2. Healthy Lunch Options

3. All Time Favorites

4. Soups

List Of Sandwiches:

1. Cold sandwiches

2.Panini (grilled sandwiches)

3. double Decker Sandwiches.