Sweets for My Sweet, Cupcakes for My Honey.

Indulge on romance this Valentine season with cupcakes to captivate your loved one's heart.

Le Coeur de France, serves not only delicious breads and pastries but also filling meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, presents Cupcake Amour, terrific confections that will bring sparkle to your sweetheart's eyes.

These limited Valentine cupcakes comes in three variants that are all equally romantically satisfying for only P88 each.

Indulge your love affair with Double Chocolate, a chocolate cupcake frosted with chocolate-infused whipped cream, heart-shaped candy sprinkles and a dollop of fudge. She will surely give in to your arms as she takes a first bite into this truly heavenly delight.

Strawberry Vanilla is a cupcake you will surely fall in love with. Imagine this dreamy vanilla-inspired creation as it touches your lips, iced in strawberry cream and sprinkled with sugar pearls and crystals.
Love never looked this good.

New Gourmet Sandwiches in BROWN RICE BREAD and BROWN RICE LOAF

Introducing a line of Brown Rice Breads in its Fiber Rich Cuisine selection, LCDF promotes all natural baked goods perfect fot the health concious. Unlike mass-produced commercially sold breads, its products are certified to be flavorful and satisfying sans the harmful additives and chemicals.

You can now enjoy a wide variety of breads that are proven to contain necessary ingredients rich in dietary fiber and harmful antioxidants. Six new sandwiches in its healthy menu; inlcude the favorite Tuna Mushroom Melt, Cold Shrimp Sandwich, PPC or the Pesto, Pastrami and Cheese sandwich, SLT or the famous Salmon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches and the affordable health buff staple, All Veggie sandwich.

If you're in a hurry, the Brown Rice Loaf is perfect for take-out.